How To Edit Scanned PDF Files – What To Look For In A PDF Editor For Mac

When you need to be able to edit PDF documents that you have scanned, you need to choose a PDF editor that has OCR or optical character recognition facility. Every document that is scanned is stored in a raster format. This is an image format made up of pixels arranged in rows and columns. Even the individual characters of the alphabet are stored as a collection of pixels. Before the editor can recognize them as characters of the alphabet, it needs to convert the document from the raster format into an editable PDF format. So first of all, ensure that your PDF editor has an OCR feature.

If you need your editor to work in a Mac, you obviously have to look for a PDF editor that is specifically designed for the Mac. Most popular software packages developed for the Windows PC also come with a Mac equivalent. So finding a good PDF editor for Mac should not be a difficult task.

The PDF editor for Mac that you are planning to use should provide you an easy way to edit the document. You should be able to select the text that you want to edit, make the corrections and then save the modifications with ease. The software should also enable you to insert a new image into the document. Or if you wish to edit or crop an existing image in the document, the software should allow you to make the required modifications easily. The ability to work with text as well as with images inside the same document is very essential as most scanned data would have both text as well as image content.

The PDF editor for Mac should offer you the facility to convert the PDF file to other formats like MS Word for easy cross-compatibility. You might sometimes come across a PDF file that is edit-protected. But you can edit this file in MS Word if the software supports that feature. So it is important that the PDF editor for Mac is capable of converting the scanned PDF document into a number of different formats. You can then use the file in a number of different systems as well as send them to people using different operating systems without having to worry about compatibility issues.

Therefore, you need to choose a PDF editor for Mac that has all these features so that you can have totally control over editing and create a document that is compatible to most systems.